We Take Protection Seriously

No other video company takes the safeguarding of your precious memories more seriously than AMD Videography. It is something you should consider when choosing a company to preserve the precious memories of your wedding day.

Your Peace of Mind...

For your peace of mind we have strict policies in place for data security when filming, editing and archiving your wedding film.

When filming, our cameras record to dual media simultaneously. Our cameras record to two memory cards at the same time. This means that if one media fails, we have the backup copy to work from. We also film with more than one camera, so if one camera should fail, we can switch straight to another one.

During editing we store your wedding footage on dedicated RAID 5 hard drive systems. Essentially this means each hard drive is protected against data loss in the event of a hard drive failure. We have 3 high-end editing workstations, all exact duplicates of each other. And during archiving we store a copy of your wedding film on optical disc both at our studio and offsite for long term protection.

AMD Videography, taking your peace of mind seriously.